Thursday, July 4, 2013

LiveCode 6.1 released

Just two days ago, RunRev announced the release of LiveCode version 6.1 - the first new version to include new functionality contributed by the community. I would call this clear evidence that the KickStarter project is propelling the platform forward.

I'm proud to have worked on two of the community contributions:
- getting the page ranges of a field (complementing the existing page heights feature)
- additional statistical functions (geometricMean, harmonicMean, averageDeviation, populationStandardDeviation, populationVariance and sampleVariance)

 Another contribution of mine was too late to the party, but has been accepted and will make its appearance in the next functional release:
- enhanced filter command (allowing you to filter items in addition to lines, match against regular expressions and place the output into a different container)

 If you too want to contribute, there's plenty of ways:
- write engine code if you have C++ experience
- enhance the IDE if you have LiveCode experience
- update the documentation with examples
- participate in the discussions on the forums where new features are fleshed out
- and test the developer previews and release candidates

I am looking forward to my next contribution project, and hope to see you there!

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