Saturday, August 8, 2009

Presenting at RunRevLive'09

Edinburgh is the hometown of Runtime Revolution Ltd, the guys behind Revolution - and the scene of this year's RunRevLive conference. After the huge success of last year's conference in Las Vegas, it has the makings of yet aother groundbreaking conference, focusing on the revWeb browser plug-in, the new product line-up (revMedia for free, revStudio and revEnterprise for extremely affordable prices) and the unveiling of revServer (the engine behind On-Rev).

When the crew asked me to present at this conference, I jumped at the chance to not just be there as one of the many attendees, but share my experiences with the rest of the community - as I have done for years on the use-revolution mailing list and the official forums. After submitting proposals, I got the green light for three presentations: 'Working with Java Classes', 'Desktop Databases with SQLite' and 'Basic Reports & Output.'

'Working with Java Classes' (Day Zero) delves into the various ways Revolution applications can interact with Java classes: a half-hour rollercoaster ride along shell commands, process comunication, socket communication, web services, message queues and externals.

'Desktop Databases with SQLite' (Day One) will take you on a trip through a straightforward desktop application where the data is stored in an SQLite database. By the end, you should have a pretty good idea how to quickly develop a database front-end with revStudio or revEnterprise.

'Basic Reports & Output' (Day One) will use the same desktop application to demonstrate various ways of reporting: generating HTML and RTF documents, using Excel as reporting vehicle in multiple ways, sending stuff to the printer using the built-in commands, and (obviously) how you ca make your life easier with Quartam Reports and Quartam PDF Library for Revolution.

I'm looking forward to seeing you all at the conference, both familiar and new faces - there are few things better than finally meeting someone you've only known through exchanging emails, or going for drinks with someone you only get to see via these get-togethers. Plenty of good stuff, and no jet-lag for me as it's only a hop accross the channel :-)