Thursday, April 16, 2009

Vive la Revolution!

It has been a busy month of April at the Runtime Revolution HQ - last week we witnessed the release of Revolution 3.5, with its data grid and behavior scripting, and this week they've announced the On-Rev web hosting initiative.

Since the unveiling of the RunRev web strategy at the runrevlive '08 conference, last year in Las Vegas, Rev-afficionados around the globe have been eagerly anticipating the day where they can do away with the mix-and-match (or should that be 'mismatch'?) of technologies needed to build modern, Internet-enabled applications.
With customers and end-users requesting applications that work on desktops and web-browsers alike, developers have been forced to use combinations of JavaScript, Flash, .NET, Java and a myriad of frameworks to deliver solutions where not all features might have been fully implemented accross the different client interfaces.

With the Revolution of the Future, developers will finally be able to build those same solutions with a comprehensive technology stack based on one language, and have it work as a desktop application or in a web browser, backed by business logic with database access on the server-side.
Java promised us this 15 years ago, and then kinda-sorta forgot about this promise. Granted, Java SE 6u10 finally fixed the Applets experience, and Java EE 5 definitely simplified server-side development; but in their panic to provide an alternative to Flash, they produced JavaFX with a new scripting language that doesn't even work like Java.

In short, I think the RunRev team has a winner on their hands - and I am definitely looking forward to putting these new Revolution technologies to good use.