Tuesday, January 12, 2010

In memoriam: Bill Marriott

As usual after the Holidays, I had some catching up to do with emails on the use-revolution mailing list. It was quite a shock when I read the news that William Marriott, marketing director at RunRev, had passed away.

To the rev developer community, he was the guy who worked his way up from the trenches, growing from a vocal advocate of quality, to the man who held surveys to figure out who we were and what we wanted, and helped in so many ways to reshape the image of the RunRev company. For the revSelect third-party add-on developers, he was the guy who not only gracefully hosted the webinars, but was in general someone you could easily work with to get results (a character trait shared at RunRev HQ, I might add).

At the RunRevLive '08 conference in Las Vegas, I had the pleasure of taking up an afternoon of his time to talk about how I could improve my existing products, and exchange thoughts on an assortment of ideas. His combined marketing and programming skills, plus his sense of humour, make him a hard act to follow.

My condolences and thoughts are with his family. May he rest in peace, or find a way to smuggle his laptop into heaven.