Sunday, August 7, 2011

Experimenting with ribbons in LiveCode (part 4)

Four weeks ago, we kicked off an experiment to create a ribbon control for LiveCode. By now, we have a clear goal, derived an initial XML structure for our 'ribbonText' property, and in the previous post, we finally got some visual work done, implementing the ribbon background and tabs. The next logical step is to implement our ribbon groups.

There is actually more to a ribbon group than initially meets the eye:
- groups can have an associated dialog (e.g. to call up the classic font dialog)
- groups can be added to the quick access toolbar
- groups have rules for dynamic resizing

But we'll postpone these juicier bits until wev'e gotten around to actually adding buttons to our ribbon control. Right now, our goal is to turn the group definitions in our ribbonText property into controls. First we extend the ribbonText parser to also read the <Group> definitions from the XML structure, and then we add the necessary code to the 'qrtRexRibbonGroupsBehavior' script. Under our current (limited) interpretation, each ribbon group is nothing more than the label and the separator next to it.

Once more, I've opted for the approach of taking a slice from a screenshot to represent the separator, as I couldn't get the stroke and fill gradients of a graphic to exactly mirror the original. Maybe one of these days I'll throw out the images and replace them all with gradients anyway - but today is not that day. At any rate, with just two controls to add, it's pretty easy.

And by separating out the code that triggers the population of the nested RibbonGroups custom control group, we can easily switch ribbon group sets by handling the custom 'ribbonTabPick' event that is dispatched from the nested RibbonTabs custom control group which we implemented in the previous post.

Download the current revision here - next time we'll tackle the buttons.

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